David Yarrow

David Yarrow is now recognised as the world’s best-selling fine art photographer of his genre. In recent years, he has found his true comfort zone in capturing the animal and human world in a fresh and creative way, with philanthropy and conservation central to his passion to document.

If I could dress the sculpture with a patchwork quilt of my leading images of male lions it could serve as a novel celebration of their regal beauty.


This lion will go to auction at Bonhams on 9 November 2021
This Lion is part of The London Pride sculpture trail.

The Kings of Lion

David YarrowTusk Lion Trail 2021 - David Yarrow - Generously sponsored by Genesis Imaging Image Credit: Nick Andrews
Generously sponsored by Genesis Imaging
Now located at Leicester Square
Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LU
Moved from Cornhill.

Image Credit: Nick Andrews

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Lion Sculpture Location:

Leicester Square

Leicester Square, London WC2H 7LU

Google Map Link:
Google Plus Code:
GV69+4V London
GPS Co-ordinates:
51.510309, -0.13039800

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This lion will go to auction at Bonhams on 9 November 2021, with 100% of sale proceeds going directly to support Tusk’s conservation projects in Africa. To register your interest in advance please contact Tusk on 01747 831005 or info@tusk.org.

The initiative is presented by DHL in association with our global co-sponsor ISPS Handa. Each lion is generously sponsored by a Lion Trail corporate partner or donor.