Tusk Lion Trail Auction on Artsy 2021

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Lion Conservation

Once roaming most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe, the population of lions is estimated to have declined by as much as 50% over the last 25 years. The most recent estimates put the total population of lions at approximately 22,5001 (IUCN Red List 2021), occupying less than 8% of their historic range. There are now fewer wild lions left than rhinos. The future of the African lion lies in the ability of lions and humans to coexist. At the top of the food chain, lions only face threats that stem from human actions: habitat loss and fragmentation, prey depletion, human-lion conflict and poaching.

People living in and around ‘Lion Landscapes’ bear the cost of living with lions, both through livestock predation, and sometimes even conflict with humans. Lions are regularly killed in retaliation or to prevent such loss in the first place. More recently they have also been poached for their body parts (especially claws, teeth and bones) for use in alternative medicine, predominantly in the Far East.

Innovative programmes aimed at fostering co-existence through lion conflict mitigation work and models where the economic benefits of having lions on the landscape can be realized, will only become more important in the future.

As well as protecting some of the lions’ greatest strongholds and mitigating human-lion conflict, Tusk invests in initiatives working with local communities to catalyse innovation, utilise technology, change attitudes, and provide economic stability and empowerment.

The conservation projects we support provide not just protection for Africa’s wildlife, but contribute to the livelihoods, economic stability and improved wellbeing for hundreds of thousands of people too. Funds raised through the Tusk Lion Trail will also support the livelihoods of poor communities living alongside wildlife, mitigating the huge economic impact of Covid-19 on their jobs and security.

The London Pride
The Hamptons Pride USA
The Global Pride

Follow the Tusk Lion Trail and get the latest news #TuskLionTrail

These unique works of art will be on public display around the world from 10th August 2021 . They will be auctioned by leading global auction house Bonhams, with funds raised providing vital support for Tusk’s conservation projects protecting lion and other iconic African species.

The initiative is presented by DHL in association with our global co-sponsor ISPS Handa. Each lion is generously sponsored by a Lion Trail corporate partner or donor.